We offer a premium selection of grass-fed steaks, beef tenderloins, roasts and ground meat for hamburger patties. Our beef is delicious because we consistently make sure it meets the farming specifications of consumers who know premium quality meats.

Lekki Farms sells a range of cattle.

Sokoto Gudali

SOKOTO GUDALI- Sokoto Gudali cattle also known as Bokolo are one of the most popular native breeds in Nigeria. Gudali is a Hausa word for “short-horned and short-legged animals”. In West and Central African, Gudali is otherwise referred to as Fulbe or Peuhl zebu. The Sokoto Gudali cattle are known for their quality beef.


N’dama cattle are popular in the West Africa region and often called Boenca or Faouta Longhorn, distinguished by the humpless Longhorn.


Also referred to as White Fulani cattle, Bunaji are characterized by their well-developed dewlaps and humps with a white coat, black eyes, a long tail and hooves. The adult Bunaji cattle has an average height of 130cm.

Older Bulls

Older bulls weigh between 325kg and 665kg, in close comparison to adult cows that weigh between 250kg and 350kg.

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Our livestock is fed with grass and sustainable spent grain - never compromising our gold standard as the custodians of livestock.

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Our products are currently available for delivery to Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Ajah, Ikeja, Yaba, Surulere, Apapa, Festac, and more.
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